[Nov, 2023] 2024 Influencer Signing Ceremony, Ustaz Zul Ramli

The influencer signing ceremony took place at the Aafiyat Holdings headquarters. Prominent announcement that Ustaz Zul Ramli Mohamed Razali, an Independent Preacher and Motivational Expert has officially be Aafiyat influencer as well become part of the Aafiyat family starting December 1.

[Oct, 2023] Aafiyat Group Collaboration Program with E-Idaman

Together organizing Recycling Hunt program with the Kedah and Perlis state media. The program that started from the Drive Thru Recycle Center (DTRC) Peremba, Alor Setar here and ended at Kampung Seberang Ramai, Perlis was joined by 90 participants from Kedah and Perlis state media representatives, Olive House and E-Idaman employees as well as with Solid Waste Management and Public Cleaning Corporation (SWCorp).

[Oct, 2023] MoU Signed with USIM as Strategic Collaboration Partner

Strategic relationship with a highly credible educational institution, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). Collaboration in research and clinical studies is the main agenda in the content of the Memorandum of Agreement that takes Aafiyat Group to a higher level in an effort to ensure that the products by its subsidiary brand, Olive House, are recognized for their effectiveness from a scientific point of view and strenghthen brand values.

[Oct, 2023] Olivie Super Seller Challenge Award (OSSCA) for 2023

Olivie Super Seller Challenge Award ceremony for all agents who qualify and achieve sales targets for 2023 period. Among the awards contested are; Super Seller Challenge, ANPP Certificate, Leads Conversion Activity, New Customer Acquisition and Customer Reactivation (Lost Customer). All of the prizes and awards been presented by Professor Dr Mohammad Faid, Mr Othman Aqallal and Aafiyat Group President, Aidil Azwal Zainuddin.

[Oct, 2023] ATL Program - Slot Assalamualaikum with TV Alhijrah

Meet Professor Dr Mohamed Faid, a Nutritionist specially flown in from Morocco together with YBhg Dr Hj Zubaidi Hj Ahmad, Malaysian Independent Medical Practitioner to share what Malaysians need to know of antioxidant power and a thousand and one greatness behind Olivie’s spoon feed.

[Oct, 2023] ATL Program - Slot Selamat Pagi Malaysia with RTM

Specially brought high caliber scientists from Morocco for Malaysians. Follow the live broadcast on your TV screen from Professor Dr. Mohamed Faid about olive oil, the content of various interesting interviews that will be discussed by Dr. Faid about the greatness of Olive Oil scientifically.

[Oct, 2023] Courtesy visit with Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Aafiyat Group express our deepest appreciation for the honor of cooperation and the presence of the Former Fourth and Seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia during our courtesy visit to discuss the Asia Pacific Olive Oil Hub Investment Project, Malaysia. The insight and guidance from Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has left an indelible impression on our team and business, and we are very grateful for the invaluable time he shared with us.

[Oct, 2023] Press Conference Research Projects with KPJU & KPJS

Great collaboration with KPJ Group for the clinical test of the effectiveness of extra virgin olive oil Olivie Plus 30x to 3 types of diseases osteoarthritis, hypertension, stroke & anti aging formula. The presentation was led by KPJ University vice-chancellor, Professor Emeritus Datuk Dr Lokman Saim and the clinical study conduct by KPJ Seremban was led by Prof Dr Wan Hazmy Che Hon, Medical Director and Consultant Osteoarthritis Project.

[Oct, 2023] Dr Faid & Mr Othmane Courtesy Visit Tour to Malaysia

Aafiyat Group welcomes the arrival of special guests that we brought specially from Morocco namely Prof Dr Mohamed Faid & Mr Othmane Aqallal! They will both be in Malaysia on October 9-17. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Faid, a leading scientist, expert in the field of Nutrition & Nutrition from Morocco. mr. Othmane Aqallal is the Managing Director of Atlas Olive Oils, producer of extra virgin olive oil Olivie in Morocco which is the pride of Morocco.

[Aug, 2023] Aafiyat Appreciation Night 2023 (10th Annual MEGAH)

With the slogan “A SALUTE TO SUCCESS”. Finished the Aafiyat Appreciation Night 2023 event as well as the Annual MEGAH Program for years 2021 & 2022 which took place at Ideas Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Congratulations to the Olive House entrepreneurs for their achievements and success.

[Jul, 2023] ATL Program - Slot Salam Baitullah in 2023 with RTM

Aafiyat Group as the main sponsor of the Salam Baitullah program attended the opening and closing of the screening ceremony for 2023. As usual, the session with Ustaz, Academics, Muftis and Ulama as guests by slot continue as usual. A line-up of high-caliber figures also be together this time.

[May, 2023] Quran Literacy & Recitation Clinic with KDA FC

The ceremony was held at the Headquarters of Aafiyat Holdings Sdn Bhd, with participants from the management and players of Sang Kenari’s team. Sponsorship worth RM28,000.00 in the form of gym equipment at the KDA FC Hub Training Center at the Sultan Abdul Halim Stadium.

[Feb, 2023] BISA Special Awards Ceremony by Sinar Harian News

The Bisnes Sinar Harian Award (BISA  Awards) was given to Aafiyat Group for the category of dynamic entrepreneurship and received by the President of Aafiyat Group, Ustaz Aidil Azwal Zainudin representing the entire ecosystem of Aafiyat Group. The recognition and respect received drives more positive movement in a better direction which is currently trying to expand business in the Indonesian, Singapore and Thai markets.

[Jan, 2023] Continue Sponsorship to KDA FC For The Year 2023

In the spirit of raising awareness and encouraging Malaysians to adopt a healthy lifestyle inline with company mission, Aafiyat Group, which leads its subsidiary brand, Olive House, is pleased to continue its sponsorship of the Darul Aman Football Club (KDA FC) throughout the 2023 season.