Our program

Objective : To generate new and/or supplement existing household and/or individual incomes through sustainable entrepreneurship

Assistance examples:

Assistance examples:
Capital injection, Business venue rental, Marketing (banner, bunting, signage, socmed), Business
registration, Helper cost, Rider cost, Carrier, Distribution channel, Business equipment, License /
Certificate / Upskill course, Financial literacy course, Branding, Food apps rider kit, Mentoring and
etc.-any aid that may support their business and preventing them from closing their business

Objective : To develop children of YJA beneficiaries into future-proof, highly employable and/or enterprising workers and/or entrepreneurs with unique knowledge, skills and talents and adding to the total households income.

Tailored assistance examples:
Sponsorship of tuition fees for tertiary students, Laptop sponsorship, Work coaching & placement
course, School transport assistances, School fees and books, School uniform- any aid that
may give assistance towards increasing knowledge, skills, qualified certification and improving
personality & characteristics

Objective : To enhance the welfare and wellbeing of the beneficiaries in conducting entrepreneurship

Assistance examples:
Monthly groceries, House rental assistances, medical check-up, supplement, treatment bill, health
equipment, Flood relief, Raya and Ramadan Basket, Health exhibition, and etc – any aid that may
give a short relief assistance or lift up a temporary burden upon the beneficiaries family

Objective : To provide basic living standards via provision of affordable,
comfortable and safe dwellings and modes of transportation to support and sustain

Transport (Motorcycle, Tricycle, Food truck, 2nd hand Car), Takaful, Roadtax, Conducive kitchen/
house, Transport licence, Electric and water bill, build stall, renovation, repairs, drainage, and etc –
any aid that may supports their business and improve their life living conditions