Executive, Regional Sales & Marketing.


Type: Full-Time




Execute Branch Planning and Strategy:

  • Identify sales and recruitment target for Branch
  • Develop Branch and Olive House Agent Strategies
  • Develop Olive House Product strategy
  • Plan Branch Activities
  • Prepare monitoring and engagement Plan

Performing Branch Recruitment:

  • Responsible to handle lead management
  • Responsible to monitor prospecting and closing
  • Responsible to monitor lead data management

Helps in Branch Development:

  • Identify area of development for Branch
  • Conduct gap analysis
  • Provide input and insight to the team

Performing Branch Stock Availability:

  • Ensure Branch stock availability
  • Analyse Branch order list
  • Prepare detail order list
  • Prepare purchase order

Helps to improve Branch Performance:

  • Responsible to monitor Branch performance
  • Responsible to monitor agents’ performance

Develop Improvement and Initiative:

  • Conduct data processing activities
  • Conduct brainstorming session
  • Develop initiatives for Branch
  • Monitor initiatives execution progress

Execute Rewards and Consequences:

  • Identify categorise performance
  • Get management approval for rewards and consequences plan
  • Activate reward and consequence SOP

Performing Branch Engagement:

  • Design and develop engagement activities
  • Get Approval
  • Execute engagement activities

Develop Agent Maintenance:

  • Execute Branch communication
  • Execute Agent Engagement
  • Execute Agent Relationship
  • Execute Agent Requirement
  • Design and develop engagement activities
  • Get Approval
  • Execute engagement activities


  • Diploma or higher in Business Management or in any related field
  • 1-2 years of experience in related fields
  • A good team player, pleasant personality with good attitude
  • Computer literate & proficient in Microsoft office