To be the preferred organisation for holistic solutions for society’s health, wellbeing, wellness and welfare
Our Vision
Aafiyat Holdings Sdn Bhd


In 2011, the Aafiyat story began with a mission to improve the health, wellbeing, wellness, and welfare of a community through the power of olive oil sold under the Olive House brand. A holistic and integrative approach towards a greater impact was our goal, and we worked with our customers and communities to achieve it.

Over the years, we have grown from a single product to a wider range of products and services under the Aafiyat Standard. In 2020, we carried out a group-wide restructuring and reorganization exercise, resulting in the establishment of Aafiyat Holdings Sdn Bhd as the parent company for all of our core businesses. OHR Marketing Sdn Bhd, our flagship subsidiary, remains Malaysia’s leading supplier and distributor of scientifically researched and high-quality natural and organic food products. Currently driven by more than 180 full-time employees with professional and experts with research capabilities from various field, it runs its sourcing, product packing, warehousing and logistics facilities from its home base in Alor Setar, Kedah.

Until 2023, Aafiyat has successfully develop  2000 entrepreneurs in Malaysia through the Agent Business Model which enable us to expand rapidly in the domestic market and has recently embarked to widen its reach across the region. As we continue to expand our offerings and reach, we are spearheading impactful digitalization efforts through the Aafiyat World system.

Our goal is to produce a group of dynamic entrepreneurs who can generate income through 16 techniques and empower entrepreneur development programs. We emphasize developing entrepreneurial potential with smart skills that includes problem-solving, agility, innovation in sales and marketing techniques, and excellence.

In creating a community lifestyle that prioritizes health, Aafiyat provide important input towards health continuity alongside the practice of a more friendly healthy lifestyle, based on Islamic values towards the implementation of Malaysia’s ESG compliance.